Mr. Talat Hafiz

Banking Media & Awareness Secretary General
Saudi Banks

Educational Profile:
✔ Holds master degree in Professional Accounting from Hartford University in USA & worked with King Saud University as Teacher Assistant in the accounting department during the period 1977-1983.
✔ Possess over 30 years’ experience in banking & financial analysis.

Professional Profile:
✔ In 1984, joined the National Commercial Bank (NCB), one of the leading commercial banks in KSA & in the Middle East. After working with NCB for over 22 years engaging in managing a number businesses within the bank (Corporate branch manager, Head of Private Banking - Central Region & Head of Commercial Businesses Banking Group - Central Region).
✔ Joined United Assets Co, an Investment & Real Estate Development Company in the capacity of the CEO.
✔ Joined Baa- Azeem Trading Co in the capacity of Deputy General Manager.
✔ January 2009 to date: Secretary General of the Media & Banking Awareness Committee, a subcommittee of the Banks’ Chairmen Committee of Saudi Banks, responsible in enhancing banking knowledge in Saudi society.

Social & Professional Activities:
✔ An Economic & Management Consultant.
✔ Economic Columnist in Al-Riyad Newspaper.
✔ Media anchor, preparing & presenting Economic & Financial TV programs on Saudi TV channel 1.
✔ Board member of Saudi Broadcasting Corporation (SBC).
✔ Board member of Al-Rajahi Investment Co.
✔ Board member of General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).
✔ Board member of Baa-Azeem Trading Co (Listed Company in NOMU Stock Market of Saudi Arabia).
✔ Head of Internal Audit Committee of Al-Rajahi Investment Co.
✔ Ex vice chairman of AEC board (Saudi American Economic Offset Program).
✔ Ex. Member of the Investment & Securities Committee at Riyadh Chamber of Commerce.
✔ Ex member of the Investment Funds Committee of Al-Bilad Capital.
✔ Ex member of the patient Friends Committee of Riyadh.
✔ Ex member of The Green Crescent Friends of Riyadh.