Ms. Lujain AlUbaid

Cofounder & CEO
Tasamy for Social Entrepreneurship

Lujain AlUbaid is the co-founder and CEO of Tasamy for Social Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit dedicated to establishing an ecosystem and a safe haven for social entrepreneurs in the region.

Born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with her background in finance she diversified her knowledge by participating in the Harvard Business school Women Executive Leadership Program, as well as Columbia Business School’s Executive Education Program for Non-profit Organizations.

She is also an Acumen Global Fellow and she worked as the Chief Strategy Officer for Ignis Careers in Hyderabad, India as she is also A CEDPA alumni.

She has been representing the social entrepreneurship field in the region at several national and international conferences, forums, and summits as she is also an advisor for different governmental and private projects. She was selected as one of the most 100 influential women in the middle east, and also nominated to be the most influential under thirty in Saudi Arabia. To date, Tasamy has incubated 35 social entrepreneurs, providing seed funding to 17 of them which makes them the only social entrepreneurship incubator in Saudi.