Mr. Hani AlGhfiliy

General Supervisor of the Digital Center
Al-Hilal Saudi Club

Hani is a professional coach in media. He has MSc in electronic media and BSc in computer science. He is the founder of Alam Hawa’ (The World of Eve) website, the biggest women website. He is the founder of the official website of Al-Hilal Sporting Club. He won King Salman Award for the Best Entrepreneur in 2015. He also won the 2012 Award for the best young media man from the Middle East institute for Excellence. He also won the gold award for business from the UAE minister of economy in 2014.

Hani served in many positions in public and private sectors as well as a number of newspapers and media institutions. He supervised electronic services for Riyadh Emarah and the Ministry of Information. He was the manager of electronic media in Al-Yammamah Press and managing editor of Riyadh net. He was appointed as an advisor to the Minister of Information and an official spokesman for the Ministry.