Dr. Hashem Al-Nemer

General Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Jeddah University

✔ General Director and Founder of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Jeddah University.
✔ Associate Professor of Finance, Jeddah University.
✔ Member of many committees of the Jeddah University.
✔ Member of the main tourism committee in Jeddah Chamber.
✔ Head of Knowledge House for Studies and Consultations.
✔ Member of the Arbitration Committee in several creative awards in a number of governorates and universities in the Makkah region.
✔ Participating in many entrepreneurship conferences as a speaker and Sessions chair interlocutor.
✔ Head of  Waqf.
✔ Regular writer in Al-Bilad and Riyadh news paper, Journal of Entrepreneurship.
✔ Vice Dean college of Business and former Head of Knowledge Management department.
✔ Financial advisor in Saudi Airlines previously.
✔ Academic advisor in a number of private universities.