Mr. Hussein Al-Yami

General Manager of Sports Investments

Eng. Hessein is the General Manager of Sport Investment at STC. He has BSc in Industrial Systems Engineering from KFUPM, Dharan. With a 20-year experience in engineering, project management, sales management, customer service, marketing and sport investment, Eng. Hussein is a leading figure in Saudi marketing and sport investment.

He led STC strategies in sport investment in the last 12 years starting with sponsoring all premium league clubs in 2006, which made STC enter Guinness records. He continued to diversify sources of income through content services and media platforms.

He enriched sport industry by sponsoring all championships and the national team through TV coverage and marketing sponsorships. He developed the local finals to be national platforms where messages reflecting the Kingdom progress can be reflected. He attracted world sport brands such as Manchester United and Real Madrid where programs to develop local clubs and Saudi federation were executed. He is a member of the Saudi Engineering Association and Al-Itihad Club board for sport information.